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I recently went for an IPA "from the hip." I started with 10lbs of briess two row pale malt, 1 pound of caramel 40, 1/2 pound of special B, and 1/2 pound of munich. boiling hops were warrior for an hour (1 ounce), then I made a mixture of simcoe and amarillo hop pellets which I split evenly into 5 piles (2 oz. of each mixed into a bowl, then split into 5 piles). I then began my flavor/aroma hop addition with these piles, every 3 minutes for the last 15 min. my beginning gravity was 1.070. I plan to dry hop with an ounce of cascade leaf hops. I am trying to get a good IPA down. help me out folks.

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Comment by Brett Begani on June 10, 2009 at 11:54am
my personal preference for big IPA's is like your technique there. I take all my hops for the whole recipe and put them in a big bowl. then every five minutes toss in a handful. not very scientific I admit, but the flavor is always great. most big IPA's I try have too much bitter, and all the ones I make are smooth. it completely depends on if you want that hop "bite" from the big bitter addition on the front. if you want more flavor and aroma, move them to the 30 minute and beyond mark. good luck!



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